Adverse, revert, toxic inaction

Plague spreader of a wide-eyed paradigm

Under bright lights we dance and play

The days far spent, though we never cared anyway

Toy and fancy drew us away

Vibrant flickers and wave of hand

Magicians wrought slaves under the great tin man

Profit they did and idols we made them

Puppet strings have long drawn out

Mannequin all men became, on fishing line a fishing game

Reel to rule, lust over love, meaning goneโ€ฆ

No more speaking of

A priesthood of provocateurs, spawns of serotonin shamans

Evocative in power, summon your master, shower his praises

Kept lies to smile, feel something within

Dismay delayed, vision is sin

Deride truth and look no further

Future is now, our own lives we murder

The Sacrifice has been demanded, payment past due

Tab put toward blood rituals to please panopticon

Weโ€™ve made it here, New Babylon

Originally composed 4/11/20