Soul Burst: A Role-Playing Game


Soul Burst is a pen & paper RPG where the Gamemaster helps outline and track events as the players interact with the adventure. The game itself consists of 4 simple items; pen, paper, 20-sided die, and a calculator. Our Gamemaster is part secretary, part mastermind using rough sketches and improvisation to keep the stories going. Suggested player count would be 2-5, a minimum of a GM and 1 player. One player could also command several characters.

Generally, you are warriors of Light fighting back encroaching forces of Darkness. What makes you as warriors special is your unique ability to Soul Burst! In this fantasy world there exists life in the forms of Humans, Spirits, and Beasts. Any one of these three may be corrupted into monsters of Darkness. Campaigns are outlined and directed by the Gamemaster in a collaborative setting. Not every single detail is provided or laid out as that becomes both complicated and static. Ideally, this is to be a dynamic aid to imagination.

Game Systems

Human Light Classes

Human Dark Classes

Human Neutral Class

Originally composed 5/4/22