Fickle fame and impure glances fan the flame of ego dances

Envy idols made for me to keep me trapped in lands of dreams

Up so high, out of reach,

your steps falter, feel defeat

I would let this fantasy rest, but how could I? The one, the best…

…at many times we are told, impersonal voices, some we know

Tricked as they were they tricked you;

deceiving powers and airy words captivate

Slim chance, success attained,

broken lives lay in wake

Complete you are, I have made it

Known by all, liked by many, loved by none ‘cept self & spirit

Contentment seeping through torn clothes;

garbed in bright colorful rainbows

Aging, old, a broken crown

The great name known turned upside down

Grand we are, delusion was kept;

as flesh held tight fell from our faces.

Coffin whip and rusted bendz

is legacy left to worship in

Originally composed 4/9/20