Feel itโ€™s tight grip upon your heart;

From sullen stomach it rises.

Finger-tips to toes it goes rending soul and flesh

Panic states and past mistakes lead ye unto death


Problems few, worries ado in plain view that is clear

Yet, conjuring comes to minds replete with joyous wonders

Overwhelmed, underwater, sunk or seemingly fine;

is where this phantom sets his face to dine


Dine he does, devour, destroy

Despair arises, life is void

Fill the hole, quench your thirst;

but bottomless youโ€™ve become


That Goddamned phantom!

Every corner he lurks!

Your seeming eyes suffer at every turn;

You see him there


God he has become, ascended to the most high place in you

Served lies for solution, parched, accepted

Ego death to be assumed lest the real be prompted

Die to self, be filled, or yourself will do the dying

Originally composed 4/4/20